Winter Week In NYC – What to Pack in a Carry On

Traveling to New York City is always an exciting experience. It’s a city where planning is majorly important, because what you plan to do will determine what you pack. I am headed to the city to sight see and catch a few Broadway shows.

Packing for this trip was pretty difficult because it is supposed to be cold and rain the whole time we are there. Of course I’m bringing a raincoat, but I am making this list for a more general travel situation. This list fit into my small carry on.

1. A Black Peacoat. (Wear) NYC is freezing cold in the winter! You don’t want to get stuck going anywhere without this Peacoat. Peacoats are nice because they are long and cover some of your legs, providing extra warmth against the NYC cold.

2. A Black North Face Jacket. (Wear) This will save your life because it is perfect to layer underneath your heavy Peacoat. It’s also great for the plane ride; it can get very cold at 30,000 feet.

3. Cardigans. These are nice for when you take off you coat and want to look cute. I like to pack 4 just in case, but if you are tight on space you can probably get by with just 3.

4. Shirts to Layer. These are essential for under cardigans. If the temperature starts to drop (below 30) swapping the tank tops for long sleeve tees or sweaters isn’t a bad idea.

5. 2 Pairs of Black Leggings and Jeans. Black leggings and jeans go with everything. I get cold easily so I am also bringing long underwear to wear under my leggings, but most people would be fine with the leggings.

6. Little Black Dress. There’s always a party going on in NYC! To be prepared for last minute invitations bring a LBD! I’m headed over for New Years Eve so there’s bound to be some kind of craziness to wear a dress to.

7. Black Boots. I bought new black boots for this trip. I specifically got plastic ones so the rain wouldn’t damage them too badly. I know it’s tempting to bring your most fashionable boots but your trip will be ruined if you can’t stand halfway through the day! Comfort before fashion on this one ladies!

8. Extras. Bring a hat, scarf, gloves and an umbrella. These items are life savers when the temperature starts to drop. I’m also bringing long socks to wear under my black boots.


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